I am a  43 year old, divorced, mother of two, author,  working at a home improvement store, and former teacher. I am tired of being tired. Tired of being unhappy when I look in the mirror. Tired of being a shell of what I can and should be. Tired of being lonely.

I took a hard look at myself last week and decided something had to change, and it was not going to happen spontaneously, so I joined a gym and have hired a personal trainer (known here as the Sadist) to help kick my butt into shape. The biggest thing, however, was making myself accountable to an entire planet. You see, by myself? I will fade quietly away and quit.

This blog will, I hope, be a daily diary of how I am doing. My biggest wish is that I motivate at least one other person to start looking for the “healthy” inside of them.

Wish me luck!



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