Balancing Act


Life is all about balance. The older you get, the more responsibilities you have, the better at balancing you need to be. I am sitting here, writing this, knowing that I have not been following through on my commitment to write daily about my thoughts, experiences, successes and failures that I am experiencing. I have let myself down , as well as you, in this struggle.


I have been trying to find a method to successfully balance the most important role I have, that as a Mom, with being a full time teacher, holding a part time sales job, not to mention my gym time and doctors visits, plus time to write, and still scrape together time in the day to sleep and hopefully have a moment of time to relax and be with my friends, however abstract that time may be. I have got to confess, I am failing. I look at everything that is coming up this week and I see the impossibilities of getting everything done. Today was an exception. Thankfully, today was Labor Day here in the US, a federal holiday. I had the day off from school, and from my sales job, so I was able to squeeze in some time at the gym while my daughter was getting her nails done, I drove up and saw my son (came home with his laundry) and I am finally able to sit and write a post. Whew! I have a new found respect for the women and men who have managed to do what I am trying to do, those who work endlessly for their families.

My gym time has suffered over the past two weeks due to a bum shoulder after being rear-ended. I am trying to stay focused on the diet and the exercises that I am allowed to do, and what Sadist has me doing, but I feel like this month there will not be any big changes from last month. I still have time to work on this, and you can bet I will. I am cutting back my weekday hours at my part time job until I am back in the swing of the school year, and so I can have a few more precious hours to spend working on myself. I try to take every advantage to see my babies when I can, but between their busy schedules and mine, well, that time is rare.

I have set some difficult goals for myself over the next few months, and while I know that they are each one attainable, I wonder how thin I can spread myself without getting hurt or burned out in the process. I guess that is why I picked this song, it seems to fit my life at the moment. There is always going to be another mountain to climb, I just hope that I get an opportunity to enjoy the view from the top of some of these after I have managed to climb them before starting the next one. Just another part of the map for this journey I am on. I’d better get going, as Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Stay strong, and stay focused on your goals. I know you you will get there.