Heads or tails? Rock, paper, scissors? How do you make tough decisions? Yeah, yeah, sometimes those life decisions are no brainers, but other times there are a myriad of factors that blur the choices, making them too difficult to pick between.  Just when you think life is rolling along pretty well, BAM! A 2X4 knocks you upside the head.

Life can be a bitch with a weird sense of humor at times. Last year on March 23 I wrote a post about the options I was suddenly finding myself facing. Here I am, a year and two days later, being faced with the same dilemma. The big difference this time is that I love where I am right now. I have some of the greatest friends who are there whenever, and for whatever I need.

Why is it when you are happy with things, that life comes in like a category 5 hurricane, blowing your happiness to hell? I need something to jump up and shout, “Pick me! Pick me!” Too many things to think about again.

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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