Time is Flying By

Wow! How is it we are already near the end of August? Labor Day is a mere ten days away? We won’t even get into the autumn and winter holidays that are steadily creeping up on us. *shudders*

Here in Texas, it is the last day of classroom preparations before the public school bells ring on Monday morning, signaling the start of a new school year. Am I upset that for the first time in ten years teaching I am not participating in all of the back to school workshops, trainings, and stress? The answer is a resounding “NO!” Do I miss my colleagues? My friends? Will I miss seeing how my former students have grown? Yes. But I know in my heart that I need this year away from the classroom to focus on myself. I need to be certain that the classroom is really where I want to be.

I have spent my summer transitioning into a new department at the Home Depot store I have been working part time at, and beginning Monday, I will switch to a full time employee. Many people have asked if I am happy in retail and my answer is, again, YES! I am happier when I go to, and come home from, work. My stress level is considerably less, and oddly, I have more time for myself, and my family, and doing things I want to do.

I completed my first manuscript this month, a contemporary romanic fiction that I hope will become the first in a series of four novels. Time will tell how that goes. Life, living life, is about taking risks, doing things that frighten you. I am a self admitted wimp, but this year has forced me to start changing the way I live, and challenging myself with goals. This is one of them.

The other thing I am looking at (again. I know.) is the outer me. I hate it. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I loathe getting dressed because I am so dissatisfied with all of the excess me. Can I blame anyone? Nope. I’ve done it to myself, for the nth time in my 43 years. I need to, and have to, change everything about myself for so many reasons. *sigh* I hope the Sadist (my trainer, if you’re new to my blog) is ready for this. He may need to channel his inner Ghostbuster gamma-ray gun and get ready to blast the Stay Puft marshmallow woman I have become.



2 thoughts on “Time is Flying By

  1. We all have to take the time and make the effort to look at ourselves and give ourselves the honest opinion we deserve. It isn’t easy by any stretch, but you are well on the way. Be proud that you are checking the boxes that will be the foundation of a new happier you! Rock it out!!

  2. I am happy to think about all the guys you will be seeing working FT at HD. More age appropriate than the middle schoolers!
    Just don’t take on too much with your slimming goals. It took you awhile to be where you are. In may take longer than sooner to get to be where you want to be. As I tell you each time small steps everyday will get you to your journeys end. Mad dashes ending in health problems will get you no where.
    Tell the trainer you want slow and steady. Leave the sadism in the bedroom.
    Now that you are done with your first book think about seeing a stylist to help you feel better in clothes that you are in now. The idea is to have positive thoughts about your body everyday. As you tone your body and shed some pounds you will be looking even better. Give yourself rewards for pounds dropping or days spent in the gym.
    Good luck! This time will be different than the last times as you don’t have the school stress!

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