Letting Go

It is not the end, not yet. I still have two more full days to go until then, but today? Today is the last full day I have with the crazy, annoying, lovable kiddos in my classroom. Unless you have been a teacher, it is difficult to explain the mental and emotional highs and lows that you go through over the course of a school year. This year, however, has been different. I have know from the very first week of classes that this would be my last year affiliated with this district. A person knows when the end is imminent.


I have spent the past eight years of my career here, working with some of the most amazing educators, watching the impacts that they have had on the young lives that have passed through these halls has been such an education to me, and an inspiration for me to be so much more than I thought I could be. It is to these men and women that I want to say “Thank you” for without you, my classroom would not have been the same.


And for my students, those who have woven their way through my life, they have helped to create a tapestry that, while not without snags, has been filled with such colors and vibrancy. They have challenged me on so many levels and I can only hope that I have succeeded in challenging them likewise. I have been blessed by so many smiles, day in and day out. The impacts they have had on my life are indescribable. I have only the greatest hopes and dreams for these kiddos, my babies, and if they take nothing else from me and our time together, I hope they follow through on themselves, never forsaking themselves for anyone else. Their success, and their dreams, are always within their reach, they just need to believe in themselves as much as I do.


What now for me? I don’t know. But I have to take my own advice that I give my kids about believing in yourself. My dreams are out there, I just have to reach for them, swing for the stars.


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Change is always hard but sometimes it opens doors you never knew existed. Stay strong. I know you are. What I didn’t know was what a beautiful voice you had!

    Embrace the adventure of your new journey. Know that you have friends to walk it with you if you need. ❤

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