Check list

I have new challenges that were issued to me for the next couple of weeks, and at least one of them unsettles me, largely because I know it is the most difficult one that I have to succeed at, and I honestly don’t know if I can do it, but I will try.


I have set some ongoing goals for myself, some I am starting to work on, others I am working my way to, but trying to find a way to achieve them in a reasonable, long lasting, and far reaching manner.

1. Getting back into the proper mindset of a year ago when I started on my quest to be healthier and more fit than I currently am.

2. Be creative. I am working on another end-of-year song for my campus

3. Sing out.  If I get the above done, yup, I’ll youtube myself.

4. Dance.  Because I delayed on posting tis up, it seems that fate has pointed its ear in my direction and presented me with a group on for dance lessons… I am learning to take the subtle, or not so subtle hints that are given to me and am now the owner of 10 dance lessons.

5. Write.  Chapter 1 complete

6. Do a job that satisfies me.  Interviews this week, so, fingers crossed.

7. Believe in myself. ……Work in progress…


My next goal is to eliminate the negative voice that has parked itself on my shoulder and points out everything that is flawed about me, what I am doing, what makes me happy. You know what I am talking about, the voice that never shuts up. How can I find my way to getting rid of that voice?


There is one more goal, the whopper in my way, that I see myself struggling the most with over the next weeks, months, years, and honestly, right now I am embarrassed? ashamed? to put it out there for you all, but knowing me? I will.



I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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