The past week in my life has been nothing short of crazy, but in a very good way. Okay, okay, I know I have talked about my life in upheaval since January, and while the powerful emotions that accompany grief still break through my filters from time to time, I think (hope) I have cleared a high hurdle, and I came away relatively unscathed, except for a bruise here and there.

Mother’s Day weekend here in the states was rough. My weekend started on that Saturday when my daughter and I entered the Susan G. Komen 5K Race For the Cure, which is for raising funds and awareness of breast cancer. This battle that took Mama’s life so quickly was one of the most difficult things I have had to start, especially so soon after her loss, but I did it, one step at a time. Celebrating my first Mother’s Day that Sunday without my Mom to call… Yeah, you can guess, but I had my daughter with me to keep me distracted and mostly happy.


photo 4

Last Monday was the beginning and ending of my work week , so I obviously sat through the day with a “cat that ate the canary” smile on my face.

Tuesday I was “sick” *cough* and took the day off so I could move into a larger apartment with room for my Dad and I since he came back to Texas. A busy day filled with loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking. Whew!

Finally came Wednesday, the day I had been anticipating for months. Flying off to New Orleans for a convention and  an opportunity to meet up with a fabulous group of women for five days of fun, food, convention. Yeah, yeah, yeah, conventions are never fun, but when it is a convention of romance writers, readers, and their cover models? It does get fun. I spent  five days walking all over the French Quarter, downtown, and the Garden District, eating, drinking, and learning.


Some of the Men I met


New Orleans is famous for its cemetaries


A magnolia blossom


Pat O’Brian’s hurricanes and cyclones


While I sit here at my dining room table and process allI have learned over the past week, and look forward to my last 13 days in my school district, I know that life will continue to roller coaster on me, but I have enough faith in myself not that I can handle it.

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