Think Positive



I have received so many beautiful words about my attitude over the past several hours since I wrote my last post, which has humbled me so much and I thank everyone who has contacted me.


I have two options for the way I look at life and the curve balls that it is so fond of throwing at me, and I have done each one. I can view the upcoming end as a disaster, one worthy of closeting myself up, hiding from the world, ashamed and embarrassed because I have suddenly reached “THE END.” Or, and this is the one I much prefer, I can view it as a new beginning, a clean slate, a blank page just waiting for the words of my life to be written on it. It is, as the picture above states, picking up the pieces, freeing myself up for something better, for the students I would have taught, for my children, and for me.


Yes, I am sorry to see the end of this…book. But, even though my story is on going; it’s still unwritten.




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