Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Here’s a question for you, especially those of you suffering from one of the most harsh winters I can remember: What keeps you motivated to get out into the biting air and head to the gym? I ask this because, well, honestly, I am a cold weather wimp. I am from the south, lived here all my life. Texas is my home. I don’t do cold. At. All. And yet, here I am in the middle of a major breakdown by Mother Nature. The temperature change has been 40 or more degrees F from one day to the next.

Yes, I realize I am whining. It’s because I am sitting here at work in my classroom in long johns, slacks, under armor shirt, blouse, scarf, wool coat, boots, and gloves, and I am still cold!

So, for the hardy and brave amongst you, how do you do it? What gets you out the door and into the freezing elements?

2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. I turn the heat in the car up high and make sure the butt warmer is on. Then I try to find a close spot near the door. I time my gym visits to parking space availability !

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