Change Is In The Air

We are nearing the end of the second full week of 2014, and while I was thinking about that last night, I thought about the things that I hope to change this year. My New Years Resolutions, if you will. Not made at the end of the old, but after I have started a new one.


1) Body Shaming

No, I do not do this to anyone else, just myself. I have this goal to become a more healthy and fit version of me, but that will never be a reachable goal until I stop looking at myself and bashing what I see. No one put me into my current shape but me. I don’t like it, so it is up to me to change it, right? Here is the lesson that friends and family have been trying to make me get through my stubborn head: I have to be smart about it. And, as I said above, in order to get there, I have to accept and -here’s the hard part- like myself as I am now. The froming wrinkles, the stretch marks from pregnancy, everything. I am me, “As Is.” If I cannot accept this version of me, what will ever make me stop hating what I see?


2) Negativity

I have to be able to lead by example. How can I encourage to believe in themselves when /if I do not practice what I preach? Mistakes and wrong moves are going to happen, that is a given, but when they do, admit it. Take ownership, responsibility. If you can correct it, do so and move on. If you can’t? Then you have to be able to forgive yourself and carry on. Have faith in yourself, your strengths. Transform all of the “I think I can, if only…” into “Hell, yea! I did it!” Your own personal can of negativity-be-gone.


3)The “Quiet One”

Once upon a time there was a strong willed little girl, one who would say what she thought, and argue the definition of stubborn with a fence post… What happened to her? When did she lose her voice, her backbone? Find your voice!! Stop holding your tongue, speaking your mind on things. One of the things that makes each of us unique is our opinions. If someone does not agree with you? So what? Who cares? Lord knows, everyone else speak their minds on things. If relationships dissolve because of this, then the relationship was not that strong to begin with.

While you are finding that voice, one you have it, sing out! Music is a know mood lifter, so sing out loud, even if it is badly. Make someone sing along, or smile, or laugh with that rediscovered voice.


4) Bend the Sides of the Box

Being shy and introverted has led to a fairly lonely life. It is time to try new things, meet new people. Stop living in that perfectly shaped box. Stretch out your arms, if you push out the walls of your box, good! It means you’re experiencing life. Give it a try, living a little more might just change your life.