Work Smart, Not Hard


After a far too long interruption of my diet and get healthier plan (caused a plethora of reasons and excuses), I made arrangements to get back with Sadist this past Monday. This was a workout I was both looking forward to, and dreading. I anticipated him going none too gently on me after such a long hiatus. Luckily for me, I was not wrong (do you hear the implied “Yippee?”). While we did not do the dreaded legs workout that I was anticipating, he did start me off on chest, shoulders, and biceps… Today I have T-rex arms.

Working on getting my diet back on track after the holidays, and getting my rear back into the gym will be the same challenge I faced on July when I first began all of this, but so long as I go in slow and steady, and not push myself to the point of burn out, maybe this time I will have learned a valuable lesson…