Nothing But Excuses


As a teacher I have heard so many excuses from students over the past nine years that run the gauntlet from absurd to hilarious. But as I sit and reflect over the past month of gym time, I realize that I am no better than my kiddos. While I am still determined to get rid of all this extra weight, my time in the gym has become more like swiss cheese and so full of holes, and I have an arsenal of excuses as to why. Admittedly, some have been valid reasons, but the majority of them? Were I to be pleading my workout excuses to my teacher persona, I would call bullshit and fail.

So here I am, one month exactly from my 43 birthday, eyeballing a goal I have for myself that I need to accomplish before that day. It is not impossible, but I have got to refocus on my main objective and get my butt back in gear. I have to be accountable to myself first, then I can look my family, friends, and coworkers in the eye, and report here to you, that I did it.

It is time to shake the dust off of my initial determination, flip stress the bird,   take back control, all while not forgetting how to live and laugh at the ridiculous.

So, this mornings weight was a horrifying 212. I am going the wrong direction, but I know it, I see it, I am going to fix it. November 14 I will be under 200 pounds. Do you hear me, self? I am tired of failing myself. Tonights workout will kick my butt, but that is what I want. I am not starting over, I have not regressed back up to the 220’s, I am just tuning back in to where I should be.

5 thoughts on “Nothing But Excuses

  1. Lela- we all fall back sometimes… Don’t be so hard on yourself…it happens…and knowing where you need to go is half the battle. You are doing great!! Keep it up!!

  2. Slow and steady will win you the race. Don’t let the numbers hang you up. You body is slimmer, you are stronger, you are breathing and sleeping better. You are able to handle stress better. Your summer schedule allowed you to work out more often. September was rough as school started up again. It is October and you should be well adjusted to all the pushes and pulls of this schedule. Work with it. Don’t get discouraged. You had a step back. Don’t flagellate yourself. Just take a deep breath and get back to work on what your real goals are. Were they only that number or were they a halthier and stronger you?

    1. You and my other friend who comments on my blog both have such a way of making me remember what is important in all of this, and I always hold your comments very dear to me. the healthier, stronger me is the goal, but boy, oh boy, does that number play a huge role on the psyche. Thank you for being one of my voices of reason.

  3. You can do it. But even if you might fall short a pound or two, you have learnt so much about yourself and life already on this journey that it accounts for the extra weight. Knowledge is heavy, you know. Just look at all the huge tomes in the libraries about astrophysics and stuff. 😉

    1. Making me laugh when I am busy glaring at myself for all those excuses was a horrible thing to do 😉 I am learning a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, etc. I know the battle will only get more fierce.

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