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I’m not sure how long, nor how good, this post will be… I’m writing in on my iPad as my laptop is being uncooperative tonight, but I will do my best to do right for you all.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve noticed that I stopped writing about my sessions with Sadist. No, I have not given up. Things did slow down for a while, and seem to be going through a phase not unlike rush hour traffic where you creep along, then speed up only to slow back down again. It’s life. It’s what happens to all of us. Hopefully these events don’t cause us to lose focus on what our ultimate goal is. With any luck, it reaffirms our commitment once we are able to get into the motion, the correct direction, again.

As I said, I’m still meeting with Sadist twice a week, generally on Monday and Wednesday nights, making it my responsibility to get in on my own for one or two more cardio sessions, along with a third workout. Finding my way through and beyond my folio of excuses is not always easy. Finding and scheduling time around my responsibilities as Mom, my jobs, and sleep is not always the easiest of tasks, but it’s up to me to decide the level of commitment that I am going to keep.

Last week was a crazy change up to my workouts. Yes, there was much cussing and flipping off involved, but Sadist knows what I need for the next step, how to push me when I’ve just become comfortable with the way things are going. Ultimately, isn’t that what living is about? The moment we become satisfied, comfortable, that’s when we need to shake things up. Whether it be pushing ourselves a bit harder in our workouts, or stepping out of the comfy box we stay in and try something new or daring, finding the courage inside ourself. That’s often when life will smack you on the head and show you the next layer of happiness, of bravery, of fearlessness.

Okay, okay, back to the workout; enough blah blah for right now.


Tri sets of:
Dumbbell hammer curls (biceps) 1 set, 12 reps, 15 pounds
Dumbbell kick back (triceps) 1 set, 12 reps, 15 pounds
T-steps 25
Rest. Repeat for a total of 3 sets

Close grip cable curls 1 set, 15 reps, 15, then up to 20 pounds
Tricep extension 1 set, 15 reps, 17.5 pounds
Rest. Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Reverse grip tricep extension 1 set, 12 reps, 17.5 pounds
Dumbbell curls (regular) 1 set, 12 reps, 10 pounds
Rest. Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Machine crunches 1 set, 12 reps, 10 pounds
Oblique work 1 set, 12 reps
Rest. Repeat for a total of 3 sets

I will post another workout this week. For now, stay focused on your goals, large or small.

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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