Caution: Detour Ahead

If you’re trying to achieve, there will be road blocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
— Michael Jordan

I realize I have been quiet, again, and for that I will apologize. It seems that my life continues to follow the track of a high speed, high adrenaline roller coaster, leaving me very little time to stop and catch my breath, let alone follow through with my promise to write (more frequently than I have of late) my blog. The above quote by Michael Jordan is so very accurate, and I feel like the child’s song “Going on a Bear Hunt” with the obstacles I keep bouncing off of, asking myself whether I can go over it? Can I go under it? Can I go through it? Or can I go around it?

I have been trying to work all of the above mentioned options in my workouts with the Sadist over the past 4 weeks, but my workouts have been limited to cardio and legs only, and, to be honest, I truly let the cardio go this past month. After finally meeting with my doctor, a round of x-rays on my shoulder, and an MRI on my neck to rule out pinched nerves, I have been cleared to start working my arms, but with no overhead lifting until I can strengthen my rotator cup. Tonight, after getting the limited clearance from my doctor, I met up with Sadist, and he gave me a short, but intense, workout.

     quarter mile walk /run at 4.3 mph

     12 walking lunges with 20 pound barbell behind my head (like I am in a squat stance on the Smith          machine)

     12 squats, still with the 20 pound barbell, same position

     12 good mornings with the 20 pound barbell. These are the modified dead lift that drops the barbell along the contours of my legs, then I bring my arms forward to a 90 degree angle from my shoulder as I raise up.

     REST.  Repeat 3 more times.

While I fully admit to not being as diligent with my workouts as I was during month 1, I did -mostly- stick to my diet, tightening the reigns on it even, in exchange for the lack of effort in the gym. I stepped on the scale this weekend, and I am six pounds away from my first major goal of this journey, and I am determined to make it there before my next month- end tests.

So, swallowing my pride and my hatred of pictures, here is the visual of my first three months with Sadist. Month 1 was in the leggings, month 2 in the black sports bra, and my latest pictures (which I had him take tonight since I was not in a gargantuan t-shirt) in the white tank and white sports bra. I know there is not a huge visual difference, but I am continuing to work on that, from every angle.

months 1 -3 months 1 -3B

There you have it, and me. I am not doing this alone. I have one of the greatest support teams around… I only need to remember to utilize them. If you come to a spot in your journey where you feel like you’ve no one there for you, remember I am there with you, cheering you on. We are never alone in our struggles.

One thought on “Caution: Detour Ahead

  1. Mommy! There is a HUGE visual change, maybe you cannot see it but I can. I’m proud to call you my mom in every way possible. I’m also proud if you for sticking with this. Love always! Bug

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