Month 3 Begins: A Good Life


I am hoping that I have the month from hell behind me. The past four weeks have been such an exercise in strength, patience, self discipline, forgiveness, will power, love, and this list could go on and on. Four weeks ago, i went into my strength test with the Sadist feeing all kinds of excited and ready to hear the results of my hard work, my literally working my butt off. The change in me over the first four weeks was HUGE: 10 pounds lighter and 14 inches less of me to love.

The second four weeks, well, I did not try nearly as hard as I could /should have. My shoulder and neck injury has restricted a lot of my work outs to being either legs or cardio only, and this setback was evident in my max weights today. When I went in with Sadist to start my measurements, I was divided on whether I wanted to know the truth or not; I would be happy as long as nothing went up in measurements.

My weight did drop by four pounds this month, not as much as I would have liked, but down is the direction I want to head in.

I lost another half inch in my chest (Thank heavens!!)

I was down an inch in my right bicep, vs. half an inch in my left bicep.

Down another inch in my stomach (REALLY! I did not believe it either!)

While my hips remained the same, I lost another half inch in each thigh.

The most stupefying measurement was my body fat. Why is it that I am so stupid happy over a drop, small though it is, in my body fat? The 2.5% drop is the symbol, more than the other numbers I have listed, of my progress. To see the numbers on the body fat measuring tool slowly start the drop from my borderline morbidly obese percentage to now? Yes, I know I am still carrying around an unhealthy percentage of body fat, but it is going down.

What do I need to focus on this next month? I need to be more aware of my stressors and how I enable the to control me. I need to work on taking a smidgeon of time every day for myself, whether it is in the gym out running who or whatever is troubling me, quiet time reading, writing, or meditating. I need to continue to take control of my life, My happiness depends on no one but myself.

My other goals for this next month include hitting 200 pounds, or less. Lose another 5 overall inches. Run a 14 minute mile straight. 40 sit ups in one minute, and 35 push ups in one minute. Increase my flexibility by another one to two inches.

There you have it, my not too spectacular month, but progress was made. Am I happy with myself? You bet I am! Remember, the small successes ad up to on surpassed goal.

Here we go:

Jul 25, 2013 14 1/2 49 1/2 46 14 14 43 47 1/2 28 28 17 17 223 38 590 85 24 17 27 16.30
Aug 16, 2013 14 47 1/2 44 13 13 42 45 26 26 17 17 213 38.5 720 85 32 25 30 14.55
Sep 16, 2013 14 47 1/2 43 1/2 12 12 1/2 41 45 25 1/2 25 1/2 17 1/2 17 1/2 209 36 720 85 32 —— 31 14.17

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