One Drop of Sweat at a Time


I mentioned last time that the past three weeks, well, I let the stress take over my life, it was a toxin to my mood, to my diet, to my motivation. Over the past weekend, I had an epiphany about this (thanks to an intervention by those who love me and mean the world to me). It is back in my court, in my control, to decide how I want to handle things. Yesterday after work I came home, changed my clothes and headed to the gym. No time to second guess myself, or talk myself out of it because of one lie or another. I am glad I went! Did I do anything spectacular? No, not necessarily, but the fact that I went, and hit the treadmill for an hour, dividing my time between trotting and walking? That made me spectacular in my eyes, and those are the ones that matter.

I was back in there tonight, back on the treadmill, warming up for my session with Sadist. Mind you, I have still not been released by my doctor for my shoulder, so the past five workouts have been all about legs. Bonus? Sadist reads my blogs, and he read the one I posted on Sunday, and I can easily envision him rubbing his gleefully with evil intent in preparation for today. He brought it, in spades.

Per usual, everything we did was in a tri-set, three exercises back-to-back-to-back, then recover, breathe, cuss. Repeat X 2.

Reverse lunge, step up onto 18 inch step, back down. 12 times per leg is one set.

Standing on 12 in step, dead lift varied, bringing my arms to hang straight down, raise up, lower back along the contours of my legs. I used a 10 pound barbell for my weight. 12 reps is one set.

Holding an 18 pound weighted medicine ball, complete 20 squats.

The second tri-set was no easier, again, one set of each, back-to-back-to-back, recover, breathe, hydrate, cuss. Repeat X 2.

Mountain climbers X 20

Lunges X 20

Squats X 20

45 more minutes on the treadmill, 3.5 mph.

I was originally upset by the “short” workout, but Sadist reminded me that as I am only able to work my legs, I am doing a lot to/ with them in an abbreviated workout. Tomorrow or Thursday, when I cannot walk up the steps to my apartment, not get up from the loo, I imagine I will feel differently. I am doing it, one drop of sweat at a time! Until next time…

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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