Be Proud of Yourself


Post-baby weight.

Turning 40.

A girls only vacation.

Getting a degree.

Controlling stressors better.

These are just a few of the reasons I have heard from my friends for finding the strength within themselves to walk toward a goal.  Our individual goals do not, necessarily, come easily. Quite honestly, I would hope that they do not, because if it means enough to you to reach for it, imagine what it will be worth in the end once you’ve met it?

Every little step forward is exactly that, a step forward. It does not matter how small that step may be in your mind, anything that gets you where you are wanting to be is something to be proud of. You did not have that other cigarette. You had only one glass of wine. You took a walk around the block. Whatever it is, be proud of yourself. I am learning that if I focus on those small accomplishments of mine, those steps on the right direction, I can better cope with my demons when I have a setback. I want to continue to learn how to not let stress beat me down. I am learning how to pick myself up after I’ve been pushed down. Will I forget that once in a while? Yep. Will I pout or sulk? Most likely. Will I remember how to be brave? God, I hope so.

What else have I started to learn over the past 5 weeks? I am learning that I am stronger than I knew, or remembered? I am learning how to be proud of myself. I am learning how to like myself. Here I am on this journey, this quest of self discovery, to make myself better, healthier, and I’m learning to like myself? Shouldn’t that come at the end, after I reach the end? NO! I have to like myself enough to want to hit that next mark. I stopped caring for far too long. I stopped seeing any value in me. I gave up. Every day that I find a positive is a good day. I am learning that, maybe not to everyone, but to those who matter, I am perfect just the way I am.

Every step is further than the one before. So, be proud of what you do, of what you have done, of who you are.  I am proud of you, but you are the one who matters.

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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