The nicest, sweetest, most awesome things have, well they’ve not happened to me, but they have been said to me by some of the amazing new friends I have met electronically, thanks to the world wide web.

I know I keep beating this drum, but, well, you keep reading it, so I figure it is okay. I am on this journey of self improvement, physically, mentally, emotionally. (Yes, I need a lot of work) I am making myself accountable to the world, to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read my myriad of rambling thoughts. I have hoped that, while I am doing this, I could inspire someone else to take the steps toward a healthier life. Mind you, I am NOT saying skinny, because I know that skinny does not always mean the same as healthy. What I am suggesting is healthy, fit, active. To find yourself in a healthy body fat range.

I have cut my alcohol consumption down to sporadic. I have never been a big drinker, but I do know that if I drink, I am consuming empty calories, and to be honest, I would rather enjoy chocolate instead 😉   I am trying to eat healthier meals, cutting the fat. I have been experimenting with spices, and trying new recipes. I have to continue to want to make these choices.

I am trying to hit the gym several times a week, twice a week for weight training with my Sadist, and cardio the other days. I have managed to hit a snag in this road. I was rear-ended last week after my workout, and my soreness and aches have not gone away. I am now going to a doctor for treatments and will have to modify my torture sessions for a while. Does this mean I am giving up? Quitting? Surrendering? Nope. This means I need to be extra diligent in my efforts.

I cannot stop this quest. I have friends who told me they are following along with me, pushing themselves to be a healthier person. Why? Because I have taken the steps myself, and I am sharing them.

I am a teacher. I have always wanted to inspire young minds to find the greatness inside themselves, and to pursue them. But to find out that I have touched the lives of women I hold close to my heart? This information has brought me to my knees.

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