It Could Have Been Worse…


Where to start this one? I guess I should follow the brilliant advice by Maria in The Sound of Music and start at the very beginning. Well, maybe I will just start from my journey into hell tonight. If you have been following my blog, then you know this means I met with Sadist tonight, and he licked my butt, legs, biceps and abs. I may invent new words /names for him tomorrow as I’m hovering over the potty.

I get there with time to hop on the treadmill and warm up, no problem. I even suspected it’d be a leg day. Cocky me thought, “No worries, it’ll be fine!” I was so beyond wrong, there is no known word to describe it. Remember, Sadist gets off on working in tri-sets, three back-to-back-to-back exercises, one set at a time, then you rest. Repeat this evil, horrid cycle four times per grouping. Keep that in your mind…

First out of the box:

1A) dumbbell squat +curl+ shoulder press  12 reps /set, 10 pounds the first 2 sets, 15 pounds the second 2

1B) sit-ups   12 reps with 0, then 10, 20 and 25 pound weights each next set.

1C)  mountain climbers   20 reps X 4 sets

REST (I need this because I am already dripping sweat and breathing hard)

2A)  wall sit + dumbbell hammer curl 15 pounds 30 seconds sets 1 & 2, 45 seconds, 60 seconds

2B)  EZ bar thruster (I call BS on the name! This is a barbell, you squat down and when you raise up, you push the barbell up over your head. DYING!!!) 12 reps, 20 pounds X 4 sets

2C)  flutter kicks   20 reps X 4 sets

REST  (I have asked S at this point to just put a flower on my head, throw some dirt over me and mark my grave “Here lies Monday. She died of heat while aiming for Dayum Hot!” My quads are shaking like a jello mold now, I am breathing like a thoroughbred, and I have reached loathing towards S)

3A)  split squats 10 squats per leg X 4 sets (I am flashing “jazz hands” as I struggle for balance on these.)

3B)  wide grip cable curls 12 reps, 20 pounds X 4 sets

3C)  leg raises  (you know, where you hang feet off the ground and hope you can pull your knees up)  12 reps X 4 sets

DONE!!! I died. I felt like a 9 month old baby learning the independence of walking, and looking like a drunken fawn at the same time. I look at him with pleading eyes, but, no good, he tells me to walk it out.

Okay, so the hell that I voluntarily put myself through is done, I managed to get out to my car without looking to ridiculous, and start to head home for food and a bath. It did not happen quite the way I had planned, and took an hour longer to get home, but when you get rear ended, it tends to put a crinkle in not only your car, but also the good intentions of the night.

On the bright side of things, no one was hurt, and tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Until next time, stay strong and keep believing in yourself.

2 thoughts on “It Could Have Been Worse…

  1. Cars can be fixed. I hope that a hot bath or shower helps you out. Take ibuprofen. Make Friday a light cardio day. You will be sore.

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