Taking Action


Today was the first day for teachers to report back on my campus. This presented a mixed bag of emotions for me. Was I eager to get back and see my friends and my colleagues that I have missed all summer? Yes. I guess in this regard I am like my students. But on the other hand, last year was an extremely stressful year,one I handled badly and turned my attention to food as my comfort. This is not what I want for this year. So, the flip side of me seeing those friends and colleagues again, was the concern over how this year is going to go. Already mentally pessimistic.

I heard something on the news tonight while I was hitting the treadmill which had me thinking about things. Mike Miles, DISD Superintendent began his convocation by saying that life was like a movie. I found myself agreeing, to a degree. I would say that life is like the filming of a movie. We have a unique cast of leading and supporting characters who come and go from scene to scene. We have opportunities to rehearse as we are bound to make mistakes while we move from minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks, to months and years. Some of this mistakes we can correct and learn from, others, we can only hope to learn from. Our soundtrack is found in a combination of the laughter, the tears, the voices of people we interact with, and the music that reflects each of us and our moods, individually. The producers change as we age, from our parents to our partner. What made me keep thinking along this line is the person who has the important role of the director, the person who, on a set, yells “ACTION!” That person, the director, is you, is me. I am the director of my life. The choices I make, everything boils down to what I chose to do.

I made the decision this afternoon to be more like my old self and be hopeful, optimistic about this school year, looking for success instead of failure. I have to make this decision every day, or else I will be setting myself up for the same year as last year.

I finally made the decision to take action in my own life, to start fighting for what I believe in, what I want, beginning with me. I have to take action everyday to not only make the day as positive as I can for myself, but for the students who I am privileged to help mold into beautiful young adults. I have to take the action necessary to manage my stress better this year, and to work it out at the gym.

When the closing credits roll on my life I hope that my actions will have touched at least one other.

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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