Ugg! Not another Monday? Mondays are always the most unloved day of the week. No one looks forward to them because they represent the work week to come? One thing I know for certain is that, even though Mondays are hard, take the step to do something for yourself, make the choice that is a stepping stone on your path to that self discovery that you are after. You will feel better for it.

Did I set the alarm last night? No. Why? Because today was my last day to sleep in for a while. My full time job as a teacher steps back into my reality tomorrow morning, so today, yeah I am thinking I will snooze a little later before my 9:00 am appointment with Sadist. What did my mind and body decide to to this morning? Self adjust to school! 4:40 am my internal alarm goes off, telling me it is time to rise and shine, even though the sun is a long way from rising. (GROAN!!) Okay. I can do this, even tough I don’t need to get up quite as early as last year. I roll out of bed, heading for my first cup of coffee. What? I have my priorities! I am human, after all, and it is rather early. Caffeine is kicking in and I ponder my options. I can watch the news while sitting on the couch, I can do jumping jacks (decided nope as I have a neighbor in the apartment under me; too rude for 5 am), or squats (again no, not sure if I am doing legs today).  I know now, at noon, that I had plenty of other options, but I chose to ignore them all until I meet Sadist.

Arms. Do I hate them as much as my dreaded leg days? Today I think the answer to that is yes. It is Monday, and even though I’d been up for a while, I was still running late and absent minded to the gym (I forgot my water bottle!), getting in and hitting the treadmill to warm up. Here he comes, ready to start the pain. Oh, happy joy-joy! No.

We start off my groups of three exercises, which, by the way, he is now having me do quad sets! SADIST!

–incline dumbbell bench (chest/ bicep):  12 reps with 20 pounds X 3 then he ups the weight on my last set to 25 pounds.

–dumbbell kick backs (tricep):  12 reps with 10 pounds X 4 sets

–T steps (cardio):  20 reps X 4 sets


–dumbbell bench press (chest):  10 reps with 20 pounds X 4 sets

–bench dips (tricep):  10 reps X 4 sets and some very creative counting on my part 😉

–jumping Jacks (cardio):  20 reps X 4 sets


–chest press (chest /bicep):  10 reps with 30 pounds X 4 sets

–assisted dip (tricep):  10 reps with 155 pounds X 4 sets

–mountain climbers (cardio):  20 reps X 4 sets


2 miles on the treadmill in 33 minutes

Have an amazing day!

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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