Day 23: Staying Positive

8:15  First of all, let me say that my posts will probably be slowing down to every other day. My goal for this blog is still to keep you posted on what I am thinking, and feeling every step of the way, but as August draws to a close, a new school year begins here in Texas, and I will be returning to the campus and the students who need me. I will still be seeing the interior of the gym, it will just be later in the evening, and I suspect my twice a week sessions with the Sadist will become therapeutic for me. I have been hitting the gym with continued purpose this week, at least getting in my cardio when I am not meeting with the Sadist. I have met with him once this week, on Tuesday evening, and he pushed me in a workout for my back, shoulders, and biceps. Was it easy? Of course not! Did I curse, grumble, and complain throughout it? Duh! (It helps me get through the work out.) It was while I was there, grumbling and whining that he warned me that this Friday, tomorrow, we will take my measurements. It is hard to believe that I have already been training with him for a month! I know that progress has been made in my heath and my fitness. I have noticed my clothes, ones that four weeks ago were feeling snug, being loose. I am cinching my belt in a little tighter than I had been. It is these little things that I am looking forward to. I am not expecting a huge change in my measurements, I know these come over time, with continued dedication and persistence, just like with anything else. I hope that you are staying on target? Is it okay to slip? Yes, you are human, after all. The key is to not let a slip derail you. Do not quit! As it has been pointed out to me by some very wise women, this journey is a marathon, not a sprint. So, put the excuses, the reasons why you can’t, behind you. Remember those goals, both the big, over all one, and the smaller ones that get you there. It’s your life, live it! Until tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Day 23: Staying Positive

  1. It will be great fun getting rid of the old clothes and slowly buying new to celebrate your new more toned body. Having a healthier body should make it easier to handle the stress of the start of the semester.

    1. The smarter way to handle stress is what I’m hoping for. Last year was too stressful for my body and I spent a lot of time I’ll as a result. This year I work it out while I work it off! The clothes? BONUS!!

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