D Day: Progress!!


I woke up this morning with the sound of Darth Vader’s theme song filtering through my mind. I had a 9 am appointment with Sadist to do my next 4 week set of measurements and strength test. I was a bit concerned about this, not going to lie. I have been working out hard, pushing myself to stay focused, writing down my thoughts here for anyone to read.My diet could be better, I will own up to that, but then again, it could be -and has been-  lots worse.

First  in the day is to face the scale. That evil device that gives a numerical representation of me vs. gravity. My number this morning? 213.1 pounds, down 9.2 pounds from when I started recording on My Fitness Pal. Not too bad, I can take that number, as long as it continues to drop. I have my coffee, grab a string cheese, and head out to face the music. I know that there will be some improvement, I am tightening my belt a bit tighter, noticing that my clothes are fitting, and feeling, differently. My co-workers are noticing a change in my face and my waist, so I am a mixed bag of eager and apprehensive to see the numbers.

Here we go: I gave him my weight, the 213, but my first visit with him was at 223, by his records, thats 10 pounds. *Keep breathing, self, keep breathing* Body fat is next. A let down there, as I did not change (38.5), but Sadist told me not to concentrate on that. It will come down, the effort I have been putting in is evident. Now the tape measure comes out, anxiety kicks up. I am still breathing, thinking about the miles I have put in, the pounds I have lifted, the steps I have been taking.

Here we go:

Body Part              4 Weeks Ago           Today              Difference

Neck                       14 1/2 in                    14 in                      – 1/2 in

Shoulders             49 1/2 in                    47 1/2 in               –  2 in

Chest                     46 in                           44 in                       –  2 in

Right Bicep          14 in                            13 in                       – 1 in

Left Bicep             14 in                            13 in                      – 1 in

Stomach               43 in                            42 in                      – 1 in

Hips                       47 1/2 in                      45 in                    – 2 1/2 in

Right Thigh         28 in                              26 in                    – 2 in

Left Thigh            28 in                             26 in                     – 2 in

Right Calf              17 in                          17 in                       0

Left Calf                 17 in                          17 in                      0

I am taken back as he is writing these numbers down, telling me the differences. When he is finished, he pulled out his calculator to double check himself before telling me that I have lost an overall total of 14 inches this first month, on top of the 10 pounds!! I am flying so high now.

Next, we do to the strength test. One rep max weight.

My leg press max 4 weeks ago was 590 pounds, today i maxed at 720 pounds.

Chest press stayed the same as 4 weeks ago: 85 pounds.

Total sit-ups in one minute went from 24 to 35.

Total pushups in one minute went from 17 up to 25. And my one mile “run” (more of a wog: walk /jog) went from 16:30 down to 14:55. I took 1:35 off my time.

I know that I cannot expect results like this next month. My body has had a major shake up this month! But I have proven to myself that I AM capable of doing this, it will just take time and effort, and my special Sadist.

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