Day 20: I Get Knocked Down


Not every day is going to be easy. It does not matter what you are trying to accomplish: weight loss? Training for a marathon? Writing a novel? Battling a disease? Your months, weeks, even days can fall victim to some seen, or unseen, force that will try to knock you off your path.

This weekend was my daughter’s birthday, I worked and spent time with her. I missed the gym all weekend, but I did watch what I ate. Was I perfect? Hell no, but I did not sabotage myself and my goals, either. I could have used the events of this weekend to blow a hole in my progress, but instead, I watched what I ate, stayed away from the movie theater snack bar, and still came out 2 pounds lighter.

Once you find what you are willing to fight for, getting knocked down or falling down, and proving you are strong enough to get back up? There’s your strength.

2 thoughts on “Day 20: I Get Knocked Down

  1. I knew you would do well this weekend! It turns out that you really really did well! Congratulations! That extra good feeling will carry you far.

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