Day 17: Take It Easy


This has been a week of successes and struggles in my mind. I have continued on, keeping up at the gym every day, plus working my summer job at a home improvement store. (In no way does that statement mean I think of myself as Wonder Woman!) But it was yesterday that really kicked my butt and had me looking at my week and putting it in perspective.

I live in Texas, the Dallas /Ft. Worth area and right now it feels like Satan’s armpit with the heat, and humidity. I have been working my body harder than it is accustomed to while I struggle to find the fit and healthy me. Yesterday I went to the gym early, did my time on the treadmill, working up a good sweat. Came home, showered, cooled, ate, and headed off to work. My metabolism was still cranked up when I walked into the building, and I was asked to cover the garden center, outdoors. No problem. Until I started sweating profusely.

I realized that while I am mostly proud of how hard I am working, I still have room for improvement on the “work smarter” part. Today there is no pre-work gym. I have a 9 hour shift to work through, and then, afterward, I can head to the gym tonight.

This weekend will be a slow down for me, busy with my family and my daughters birthday. I am going to pay attention to my food (down .4 pounds this morning), no overboard, excessive eating. I will try to fit the gym in once or twice this weekend, but I also know that I need to balance out my life if I want to keep myself.

Until my next post, stay happy, stay healthy, and love yourself!

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Take It Easy

  1. Always smart to plan ahead and listen to your body. You are allowed to have a bite of cake. Just use my mantra “it looks better than it tastes”! Have a great weekend!

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