Day 10: The Dungeon


I went in to his dungeon today knowing what was in store for me, more or less. Leg day. And I knew that he would be merciless after the strength test we did on Monday. As I walked in the doors, however, I did it with a bounce in my step because I had gotten on the scale this morning and I am down another full pound, that makes 3.9 over the past nine days. I am now back to under 220 pounds. This is a small victory.

I walked in, dreading the workout to come, but remembering the end goal: my health. I popped right up on the treadmill to warm up before the real torture started. Eight minutes later I was facing the gleeful smile of my Sadist, and I had willingly entered his dungeon. I even told him I had a safe word, just in case, and he just smiled more.

We started off on the leg press and I knew I was in trouble! My strength test on Monday I maxed out at 590 pounds on this machine; I was doomed. He set me up with 180 pounds and told me 15 reps. Yes, I may have smirked at that, foolishly thinking, “No problem!”  Yeah, by ten I was sweating, breathing hard and trying to safe word out. He pushed me farther. Next up? Sumo squats, 15. My thighs are already burning by 5, my mind is cussing him. but I did it. Next in this line of torture were jumping jacks. Nothing like watching my flabby belly bounce as I jumped, but I did them all, three sets each.

Next round for the legs is three sets of, squats with the evil Smith machine, then my quads, and more stinking jumping jacks, 15 of each, three sets. Oh boy the swear words are really rolling in my head now, and my legs are sweating as bad as the rest of me. Yep, I am pretty gross at this point.

The last tri set is upon us. I am being honest, keeping the count, pushing myself right along with HIM. Hamstrings, squat jumps, and those damn jumping jacks (I swear, if I meet anyone named Jack, I may beat them bloody after today!). It was here, on the squat jumps that I hit my wall when my left knee decided it had had enough. We discussed and modified the exercise, knowing if I tried to do it the original way, there was a possibility I would hurt myself, putting me out of the game for a while, so we modified it, and I finished the set and the series, and those stinking jumping jacks.

It was over with for the day. There were no excuses for me to not go. I knew what lie ahead of me when I headed over there this morning, and I am so very grateful that I went. Every ache, every pain, every grimace I will experience will be evidence that this time the goal is for ME. I know that I am worth it.

2 thoughts on “Day 10: The Dungeon

    1. He’s a smart sadist and I’m an aware masochist. I don’t want to be waylaid by injury. Modifications were a mutual decision. It made me mad that I couldn’t do the original exercise, but that mad makes me work harder and smarter.

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