Day 7: Strength Test

What awesome timing! As I was typing that, I was thinking “insert evil music here” when the television on in the background keyed in appropriately evil music! Sorry, That was too perfect not to share. Okay, where was I? Oh, Yes, That was it!

I went to my appointment with the trainer /sadist today knowing he said I would be doing a strength test today. I’m in the right mindset. I am ready to go in and see what powers my body has been hiding from me. I got there early so I could get my warm-up un the treadmill in, three quarters of a mile later, we are off and going. The Sadist has me go for max out on the leg press; 590 pounds! (I know, I almost died!), the bench press; 75 pounds (we tried 85, but the result was a very bad word), one minute sit-ups (I eeked out 21), one minute push-ups (even worse than the sit-ups, I barely managed 17, and they were ugly), and a one mile run (after a warm up and maxing out on leg press, i panted through a 16.30 minute mile). My results? Well I surprised myself on both ends of the scale.

These are my goals for the next month, by August 25 I hope to:

Run a 12 minute mile

Have lost inches from my initial measurements

Be at, or even below 210 pounds

Be able to do 50 sit-ups in one minute

Be able to do 25 push-ups in one minute

Have inspired at least THREE people to start a journey toward a healthier life. It is this one that is most important. Whether you are motivated to lose weight or gain weight to be a healthier you, I hope that you find someone with whom you can make yourself accountable. 

I always appreciate comments here! You can also message my twitter account, or on My FitnessPal under Monday 1170



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