Day 4: An Inspiration Discovered

Dali Lama

Today actually started off very well. I woke early feeling rested and less sore than I had been. My morning routine of shower, my French Vanilla Cappuccino (80 calories), a handful of grapes (10 for 34 calories), an English muffin (120 calories), and my morning friends on twitter. I set the plan for my day in motion, knowing what I needed to do.

After work I came back to my house to grab something to eat and change clothes before heading to the gym, but as I sat and relaxed, my brain started to come up with reasons why I did not need to hit the gym today: I’ve worked out hard this week, I deserve a break, I have a headache, I am too tired, you get the idea. My old mindset, the one that put me into the condition I am now in, was already trying to creep back in, to get me to follow old pattern and habits. So, what did I do? I laced up my sneakers and headed to the gym for a session of cardio, knowing that even 30 minutes was better than sitting on my butt doing nothing.

There I am, walking on the treadmill, those 30 minutes I swore I would do were nearly upon me. I was looking around to make sure Trainer J was not there when my gaze landed on his other new client. A beautiful, strong woman who, as I observed her on the elliptical trainer, put me to shame. You see, his new client is a woman not much older than I am who has fought, and defeated, cancer  not once, not twice, but three times. Her body is thin, her hair is gone, but her determination is evident. I wanted to step off the machine because I was whatever, but I realized that if I could find 1/100 of her determination, drive, strength, then I could keep my butt on the machine for the hour I had planned.

When I am facing those temptations, or looking for the winning excuse, I hope to God I can remember her and push myself past that block, or to reach that newest goal, because I have seen what fighting for yourself and determination can do. They can let you live.

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