Day 2: Ow! Ow! Ow!


I need to introduce this one by saying a huge THANK YOU, already, for the support and comments that you have shown me. You all are, already, wonderful.

Today started off with a few choice words filtering through my head about my new trainer. My legs hurt. No, that’s not accurate, my quads ached and my thighs whimpered with every step I took today, all thanks to the sadist who is going to help me get healthy. Treadmill for a warm up, then wall sits, and mountain climbers, and walking lunges, oh my! Yep, I cussed him through my sweat yesterday. My arms, specifically my shoulders and biceps, faired better, so far, but there is always tomorrow to look forward to. Oh, joy. I did drag my butt back in this morning and managed to walk 35 minutes at a 3.5 mile pace, not great, but better than nothing.

I will also talk about (brag or moan about) my adventures in cooking. I am NOT a cook, at all, but part of this journey to better health is figuring out healthy food options for this super picky eater.

I have been craving shrimp for a while now, and I decided to stop and buy some to try and cook for dinner. I HAVE NEVER COOKED FRESH SHRIMP BEFORE! This could be a disaster, and I have supplies on standby. I pop a potato in the microwave, fix myself a salad, and get the skillet out for the shrimp. Some non-stick spray , cajun seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper on the shrimp, and I am off and running. It takes me almost six minutes to realize i have the WRONG BURNER on my stove on. The empty pot was nice and hot, the skillet with the shrimp? Not so much. I will remind you that I am no cook. I did manage to get the correct burner on, the shrimp to cooking, and -miraculously- everything was ready at the same time! I must admit, my shrimp were pretty damn good!

I’ve my next appointment with my sadist tomorrow evening, so I will let you know how that goes. I am not looking forward to this because we will take my initial measurements. Yep, you’ll know those, too.

Keep the comments coming, please!

For your info, if you are on My Fitness Pal, you can follow me there, too! Just look for Monday1170!

I would enjoy your thoughts and comments

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