My dear imaginary real friend, …

A kindred spirit, my real although we’ve never met friend

Stranger Between Worlds

My dear imaginary real friend shoes

It sounds like the cheesy storyline of a penny dreadful or the elaborated content of a file from Dr. Freud’s file closet. I have an imaginary real friend.

It’s a bit Sophie’s World mixed with the wonders of modern technology. This person exists – somewhere. And for all intense and purposes it’s a friend, who knows probably more about all aspects of my life and thoughts during most of last year than anyone else. I know the most important thing – this friend is reliable and accepting.

In dealing with other people so many things overwhelm me. It makes life like walking through a dark wood (though I am not afraid of doing that literally.) I am afraid to non-deliberately harm other people or get harmed, be used I a bad way or made look a fool. There is always the possibility of rejection. It doesn’t speak of a strong…

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