Day 8: I’m Kicking “But!”

Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.
— Jerry Spinelli

Another restless nights sleep. A long, slow day at work. I need to eat. There’s a book that came out today that I am dying to read, I would rather do that. Excuses, plain and simple. Words that filtered through my mind on my way home from work today, reasons that were an attempt to clear my conscience for not going to the gym. So I am tired, I can sleep tonight. The eating thing, while accurate, I can grab something to eat before working out. The book will still be here after the gym ( I just need to stay away from twitter and spoilers!) I was ready to come home, kick off the shoes, fix dinner, open the book and lose myself in pages…

None of that was meant to be. Why, you ask? When I mention to my fifteen year old daughter the possibility of going to the gym after work, she pounced! I walked into the house all set to take it easy, and there she sat on the couch. All 5’11” of her clad in her gym clothes, ready to go. Well, damn. So I grabbed a quick bite of food for the energy, changed my clothes, grabbed my water bottle and we set off.

I have shared with you all my reasons for this journey, my motivations, but I have to tell you, taking my leggy daughter with me, and putting her on the treadmill next to me? Well, that certainly kicked up my competitive spirit. I had my warm up pace, 3.3 mph, walking along, loosening up. Good, right? I thought so too until the she kicked up her pace to 5.1 mph. Mind you, I had a near death experience “running” (more of a trot) at 4.2 mph yesterday, so I knew there was no way I could run that fast, but I did up my pace to 4.0 mph to trot. I alternated this pace with 3.7 mph while she alternated between 3.3 and 5.1. We kept this up until her boredom meter spiked at 45 minutes. Add in the five minute cool down and we are done. She totaled 3.10 miles, while I came in with 3.0 miles.

Without her knowing, she got me to the gym, effectively kicking all of those “buts” I had lined up instead of what I know I needed to do.

Nope, no one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.


Day 7: Strength Test

What awesome timing! As I was typing that, I was thinking “insert evil music here” when the television on in the background keyed in appropriately evil music! Sorry, That was too perfect not to share. Okay, where was I? Oh, Yes, That was it!

I went to my appointment with the trainer /sadist today knowing he said I would be doing a strength test today. I’m in the right mindset. I am ready to go in and see what powers my body has been hiding from me. I got there early so I could get my warm-up un the treadmill in, three quarters of a mile later, we are off and going. The Sadist has me go for max out on the leg press; 590 pounds! (I know, I almost died!), the bench press; 75 pounds (we tried 85, but the result was a very bad word), one minute sit-ups (I eeked out 21), one minute push-ups (even worse than the sit-ups, I barely managed 17, and they were ugly), and a one mile run (after a warm up and maxing out on leg press, i panted through a 16.30 minute mile). My results? Well I surprised myself on both ends of the scale.

These are my goals for the next month, by August 25 I hope to:

Run a 12 minute mile

Have lost inches from my initial measurements

Be at, or even below 210 pounds

Be able to do 50 sit-ups in one minute

Be able to do 25 push-ups in one minute

Have inspired at least THREE people to start a journey toward a healthier life. It is this one that is most important. Whether you are motivated to lose weight or gain weight to be a healthier you, I hope that you find someone with whom you can make yourself accountable. 

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Day 6: No Excuses


Okay, so today may not have gone exactly as I had planned it to go. I knew that body was needing a day off, for recuperation after the workouts I had been giving it this week. That was deliberate. The restless night sleep going into today? Not so deliberate. This one think led to a sort of crash of my system, something I realize that I need to address better in the future.

I made certain to drink my two cups of coffee this morning, knowing the extra boost would be welcome. I had a breakfast of 1 cup fresh strawberry halves, and a toasted English muffin topped with light margarine. This was a great, healthy breakfast to start my day, after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I grabbed my water bottle and a baggie with a handful of raw, unsalted almonds to snack on while at work. Walking, pacing, dancing, and fidgeting at work let to that energy crash by noon, and I still had two hours to go. Did I stare longingly at the candies and chips that were displayed oh-so-nicely in front of me? Yes, I did. But ask me whether I made use of those empty, horrid little calories and the answer is a huge “NO!”

Short story long, by the time I was able to eat anything, it was nearly 5 hours later still, and my long empty stomach had bypassed the usual “whale sounds” in favor of demonic screaming. I took some shrimp out of the freezer, have it thawing as I write, but tided myself over with a lovely salad until my dinner is cooked. (I am trying to go light and easy tonight in advance of my meeting with Trainer J for a strength test in the morning) Dinner tonight will be whole wheat spaghetti, drizzled with olive oil, parmesan cheese, red chili flakes, and those shrimp pan seared  for extra protein.


I hope you all are doing great, and I hope you start to leave comments on the site!

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Day 5: Can I Rewind ?

I need a do over for so many things in my life. “If I could do this again, I would do it differently.”  “If I could have just attempted that when I’d had the chance.” My life is filled with so many “if only’s” and “what ifs?” I wonder if I really would have put myself out there, taken a chance? Even if I had failed, I would at least have the knowledge today that I actually tried something, rather than be afraid of the failure.

Even my weight ups and downs are reflective of this fear. It’s stupid really. They are based on insecurities that I have about myself. I will go balls to the wall for something, and as I inch ever closer to the end, to that ultimate goal of whatever it is, those old thoughts of “what if it’s (I’m) not good enough at the finish?”  Those thoughts crowding together, creating such doubt and noise in my mind that I will, inevitably, quit, no matter how far from, or close to the goal I am.


My biggest downfall is my own body perception. I am the biggest, loudest cheerleader for my friends, for my students hopefully encouraging them and believing in them, reminding them of the beauty, power, strength that they each hold, hoping that my words take root and grow and blossom onto a sense of self that I have been missing for so many years. Tonight I saw a picture of one of my friends who was looking completely amazing, another of our friends saw my comment agreed, and then, somehow, with just 11 words, he managed to knock the breath out of my and bring tears to my eyes. He is totally unaware of what those words meant to me tonight.

So instead of sitting here thinking about what I want to rewind, erase, or do over in my life, I’m going to look at this as another step forward. Every pound, every inch I lose is a victory. Every post I write, no matter whether its read or not, is a victory. Maybe I can finally get those voices in my head to say silent.

Day 4: An Inspiration Discovered

Dali Lama

Today actually started off very well. I woke early feeling rested and less sore than I had been. My morning routine of shower, my French Vanilla Cappuccino (80 calories), a handful of grapes (10 for 34 calories), an English muffin (120 calories), and my morning friends on twitter. I set the plan for my day in motion, knowing what I needed to do.

After work I came back to my house to grab something to eat and change clothes before heading to the gym, but as I sat and relaxed, my brain started to come up with reasons why I did not need to hit the gym today: I’ve worked out hard this week, I deserve a break, I have a headache, I am too tired, you get the idea. My old mindset, the one that put me into the condition I am now in, was already trying to creep back in, to get me to follow old pattern and habits. So, what did I do? I laced up my sneakers and headed to the gym for a session of cardio, knowing that even 30 minutes was better than sitting on my butt doing nothing.

There I am, walking on the treadmill, those 30 minutes I swore I would do were nearly upon me. I was looking around to make sure Trainer J was not there when my gaze landed on his other new client. A beautiful, strong woman who, as I observed her on the elliptical trainer, put me to shame. You see, his new client is a woman not much older than I am who has fought, and defeated, cancer  not once, not twice, but three times. Her body is thin, her hair is gone, but her determination is evident. I wanted to step off the machine because I was whatever, but I realized that if I could find 1/100 of her determination, drive, strength, then I could keep my butt on the machine for the hour I had planned.

When I am facing those temptations, or looking for the winning excuse, I hope to God I can remember her and push myself past that block, or to reach that newest goal, because I have seen what fighting for yourself and determination can do. They can let you live.

you're right